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Ready for a New Direction in Life ?

Ready to awaken your Higher Consciousness ?

Then this could be the course for you ......


A Beginners Course in Metaphysics

Have you ever asked yourself .........

Is there a reason for the events that happen in my life ?

Can I change the way I react to people and situations ?

Is there a way to bring more balance and harmony into my life ?

If so, this Introductory Course in Self-Awareness can be of assistance.

We help you understand how the Universe works and

how to apply spiritual principles to your own life and any situation.

Join us to find some of the answers your soul has been seeking ....................

This is a six weeks course which will give you an overview of metaphysical and spiritual principles as taught by the M.S.E.C. (The Metaphysical Society for the Expansion of Consciousness). This course is both informative and practical, giving you the opportunity to "see how it works" both in and outside of class.

COMING SOON ...............



Introduction to the Main Principles of Metaphysics

Our True Nature

The Appearance World

The Human Mind

Understanding the link between Beliefs and Experiences

Laws of Attraction & Reflection

Brief introduction to Meditation


The Law of Cause & Effect

The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Discovering our Hidden Beliefs

Affirmations and How They Work

The Deeper Purpose of Affirmations & Resistance Beliefs


Beliefs that Hold Us Back

Different Levels of Affirmations

Creating New Beliefs that Move Us Forward


The Spiritual Purpose behind Relationships

Uncovering the Spiritual Lessons We Need to Learn

Healing the Past


Spiritual Truths to Increase Awareness

Principles to Learn From and Live By

Gratitude & Appreciation


Finding Answers and Direction through Inner Guidance

Discovering our Life's Direction

Affirmative Prayer for Life's Purpose

Living Spiritually

COST : £ 249.00

(Includes full explanatory course notes, all additional informational handouts,

exercises and inter-class Course Facilitator support ).

My name is Wendy and as your Course Facilitator, I take great care to ensure that I provide a safe and confidential sanctuary for learning, experiencing and sharing together. I choose to facilitate very small groups where more time and attention can be given to enhance both individual and group learning, understanding and practise and consequently this course has a maximum of 6 places only and a minimum of four.

What past attendees say :

"If anybody can transform a group of people in a mere six weeks, then it is Wendy! I consider myself a relative newcomer to metaphysics but to witness the vast change in both myself and the other students was phenomenal. It was a joy to look back and see how we all transformed, unfolded and blossomed. Wendy took a group of "folded" confused people, and "unfolded" us, ironed us out and presented us to the world, a completely different, better, set of people".

(Ric - Preston)

"This course exceeded my expectations and has been an interesting, fun and very informative experience. Wendy goes above and beyond to provide support in and outside of class. I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to understand themselves wherever they may be on their spiritual journey; to help them find their life's purpose and to know, be and express themselves. Wendy was a true inspiration and empowered each of us to discover who we truly are and how to make life a fun, exciting journey. Loved how a group of strangers connected so quickly and well and how we all felt safe to personally share our experiences in a wonderful, calm, cosy and hospitable environment".

(Janet - Ribble Valley)

"If you feel your soul calling, this course will equip you for the beginning of your magical journey ! This course exceeded my expectations and Wendy is an inspirational teacher".

(Sarah - Colne)

"Whilst on this course, one day my husband said to me: You know how to laugh now and you are a better person ! Thank you Wendy for your honesty and teachings which have brought me out of my comfort zone and brought me light".

(Angela - Bacup)

"This course exceeded my expectations. I feel like I have had a brain detox. Thanks for sharing your teachings Wendy and making me laugh with your great sense of humour!"

(Melissa - Chorley)

"This course was delivered by a passionate, enthusiastic and inspirational facilitator whose courses I would recommend as she encourages and supports individuals on their spiritual path.

I thoroughly enjoyed every class !"

(Romy - Preston)

If you would like to gift yourself a place

or require further information on this course,

please contact :

Wendy Loudon

Email :

Tel. No. : 07719 983739

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