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Metaphysical Counselling is a holistic counselling therapy based on Spiritual Principles. This therapy is unique as the MSEC is the only organisation in the UK to have their Metaphysical Practitioner training route and therapy recognised by the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO) which is a leading accrediting organisation within the field of Complementary Medicine.

Wendy successfully completed her two year course of theoretical and practical study with the MSEC and qualified in March 2013. As a Metaphysical Practitioner and Counsellor she is trained to work holistically with clients on a one-to-one basis using metaphysical counselling skills and psycho-spiritual techniques. This combination helps the individual to understand how the mind works at both the psychological and spiritual level - the purpose of which is to gradually guide the client to a place of self-empowerment.

Supported by the Metaphysical Counsellor, the client can begin to utilise the Principles to help restore balance and harmony to their lives by rediscovering the hidden talents, strengths and abilities within themselves.

Metaphysical Counselling is so versatile as it can be adapted to meet an individual's level of awareness and their current situation. Essentially, the MSEC Metaphysical Practitioners and Counsellors have done some of the work for you so that you can have a clearer and simpler pathway through the maze and thus avoid some of the pitfalls.

The main differences for you would be that you are greeted by a Metaphysical Practitioner who treats you as a unique individual; who recognises your human condition and the issues you are currently facing - yet sees beyond to your Inner Spirit, i.e. who you really are.





At the first and second session, Wendy will ask you a series of questions regarding your background and life history. Wendy is skilled and well-practised at listening - so you will feel heard and understood. She will listen not only to the surface issue that is troubling you and the feelings that it brings up, but also listen out for stressful beliefs and patterns which are contributing to the situation. Metaphysics can be used to treat almost any condition and is particularly helpful with :

Relationship problems.

Health issues.

Career and work-related situations.

Stress and anxiety.

Understanding emotional reactions

Unlocking habitual patterns

And much, much more ..................................

In order to facilitate new understanding around a problem, Wendy will often use a counselling exercise or a visualisation/meditation technique. She follows a Code of Conduct but is not bound to any specific teaching or school of thought - so she has a wide range of counselling skills and techniques at her disposal. Wendy will discern the ideal technique to best suit your condition on that day. Metaphysics is a versatile therapy because we have this added flexibility and can adapt to your changing requirements as the sessions develop.


Wendy will explain to you how the mind works and teach you some of the Universal Laws so you can put them into practice and begin transforming your life. At times you may be in touch with your feelings but this is all part of the healing process. If at any time you don't feel comfortable with any of the questions or inner work - Wendy will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable enough to let her know, and she will use alternative ways of helping you. Clients generally experience a greater sense of peace and wellbeing following a session. 

1 - 1.5 hours  :  £60.00

What past clients say about working with Wendy :

I felt that Wendy gave me 100% attention throughout the sessions. She was attentive, compassionate and empathic at all times. She stayed focussed and I found this very reassuring and felt that I was being listened to intently. Even though the subject matter was, at times, quite sensitive, I never once felt her questions compromised or upset me. She has a sensitive approach which is to be applauded.


Wendy was extremely kind, welcoming and understanding. She has a natural knack of being able to put people at their ease very quickly. Her room was very comfortable and indeed,comforting and this gave way to being more relaxed quickly during sessions.


The techniques Wendy chose to use for me were unbelievably intuitive and accurate. I always felt she had tuned into my soul as the content always reflected the session and the problems discussed. Wendy has the gift of intuition and she uses it well and to the client's advantage.


I have to say that I found Wendy to be a complete and utter professional in every way. She is a natural Counsellor, a gifted intuitive and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her approach was gentle, yet encouraging. Her manner is lovely and her workroom had a beautiful atmosphere. These attributes made it very relaxing and I felt very comfortable, which made me feel more able to open up to her about my problems. She took all the information, digested it psychically and came up with some brilliant tools and techniques. Some of the stuff that came out, completely blew me away. I still think back to some of the revelations, smile to myself, and then thank God that I have met the wonderful Wendy. If there is any negative feedback, then it is only that Wendy should have been doing this years ago, so that many more people would have had the benefit of her skills.


Wendy was very in tune with my needs and the techniques she used were very relaxing and most relevant to the sessions.


I found the whole experience absolutely great. After just one session I felt uplifted and about a stone lighter. Wendy made me feel relaxed and safe and I looked forward to each session with joy. The tools she gave me to use were a great help and Wendy seemed to give me exactly what I needed. I recommend Wendy and metaphysical counselling to all. I feel I benefited a great deal from our sessions.


To find out if working with Wendy is for you,

please contact her on :

Email :

to arrange a FREE 30 minutes telephone or video chat.

Do you prefer to learn as part of a group ?

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