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Courses and Workshops based on Metaphysics

Louise Hay 'Heal Your Life' Workshops and Courses

 Is the life you are experiencing different to the one you THOUGHT you'd have ?

Do you find yourself wondering why everyone else's life seems happier and more fulfilling than your's ?

Do you beat yourself up by telling yourself you have made poor choices in your life that have led you to feel dissatisfied, disappointed and unhappy with your life as it is now ?

Has time passed by so quickly that you are afraid there isn't enough time left for you to "start over" ?


Do you have a deep inner knowing that there IS more to life than this ?

Or feel a flutter of excitement at the possibility of this being the perfect time to begin a brand new chapter of your life ?

A life where you take centre stage ?

Where you are the star of the show - YOUR show - YOUR life !

Well then, it is time to take action !

And if you are ready to take even baby steps towards a new life and a new YOU, then I am here to help you to do just that !

I will help you to peel back the layers that have been hiding the REAL you !

The one who has dreams to be fulfilled and a life to live, enjoy and love more than ever before !

It's time to stop believing the lies that you "can't do" and to stop making excuses for staying stuck with a life that just isn't real - that just isn't you !

November 2022.jpg

As a qualified and experienced Metaphysical Practitioner

(dealing with all aspects of life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) with a wealth of life experience, I am determined to help you successfully start a fabulous, "never-before experienced" new chapter in your life.

One that leads you to enjoying EVERY aspect of your life

- a life saturated in happiness, fun, laughter, love and

everything inbetween !

Let's Do This !

To see if, TOGETHER, we can make YOUR life happier,

then please contact WENDY

to arrange a FREE 30 minute Zoom call !

Email :

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